Raskovski Resigns from Government, Zaev Accepts

One month after the scandal with the disputed software for traffic violations, Dragi Raskovski resigned from the position of secretary for monitoring and support of the Government institutions. In a letter submitted on 12 April, addressed to Prime Minister Zoran Zaev, who expressly accepted his resignation, Raskovski said the reasons for his withdrawal were related to preserving his dignity and integrity. He posted the photo of his written resignation on Facebook Wednesday morning, where he also wrote that he was the target of fake news and called on the institutions to investigate the truth. The resignation was a personal decision of Raskovski, say the Government, adding that despite his withdrawal and the active investigation by the Prosecution and Anticorruption, they remain of the opinion that the purchase was in accordance with the law and that Raskovski’s invention will be put into use, without specifying which institution will use it considering that the Ministry of Interior has already distanced itself from the procurement.