Dimitrov: We Thank Austria, Other Member States and EC for Solidarity

Following the announcement by the European Commission in December last year to provide a mechanism for distribution of vaccines to the Western Balkan countries through reprogramming of IPA funds in the amount of 70 million euros, the tripartite agreement between Macedonia, Austria and Pfizer/BioNTech enters into force Tuesday, 20 April, for the procurement of 119,600 doses of vaccines against COVID-19. “We thank friendly Austria, the other member states and the European Commission for their solidarity. This assistance to the Macedonian citizens would not have been possible without the selfless efforts of the Austrian Foreign Minister Schallenberg and EU Commissioner Varhelyi, to whom I would like to personally thank, especially given the challenge of providing vaccines, both in EU member states and globally,” says Deputy Prime Minister for European Integration, Nikola Dimitrov.