Robertson: Bulgaria Should Lift Blockade for Skopje’s EU Accession Talks

Former NATO Secretary General George Robertson called upon Bulgaria to lift the blockade imposed on Skopje for start of the EU accession process. Robertson reminded Bulgaria that it is good to have a more pragmatic approach towards international risks while defending the true values of the EU. “Back in 2001, North Macedonia was on the brink of a civil conflict, but thanks to the intervention of NATO, EU and OSCE, and people like late former President Boris Trajkovski, the conflict was halted by a historic peace agreement. Today, the country is a full-fledged NATO member, which to Bulgaria brings more stability at its Western border. With the accession of Bulgaria in NATO and EU, people expected for conflicts of this type to end once and for all, which is why it is so important for Bulgaria to remove this blockade in the EU accession process,” Robertson said during the online conference “Before the Future – Preparations for NATO 2030” the Euro-Atlantic Club in Sofia.