Strategic Council on Foreign Policy Inaugurated

The members of the recently established Strategic Council on Foreign Policy were officially inaugurated at a ceremony at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MoFA) on Thursday. The council members also had a meeting with Foreign Affairs Minister Bujar Osmani, and among them are people coming from the academic community, the areas of diplomacy, security, the business community and from the non-governmental sector. “This council will act as an advisory body to the Foreign Affairs Ministry. We paid attention to represent great diversity of different areas of society through them, and I am ready to discuss with them different topics for which we will build mutual positions,” Osmani said. From the Alliance for Albanians and Alternative (AA-A) they issued a reaction against the appointment of former Head of the Commission for Inter-Religious Relations Valentina Bozinovska in the council. “By employing Bozinovska, a former associate to Nikola Gruevski, FM Osmani and the government formalise their aspirations towards stronger associations with Russia, which will result with international isolation of our country once more. We cannot expect a bright future from a Minister who will be advised by someone who plotted for ‘The Night of Long Knives’ in our country. Obviously, for DUI it is still to hear to sever their relations with Gruevism,” they state from AA-A.