Zaev: Use of N. Macedonia – Humiliation of State and Constitution

Prime Minister Zoran Zaev, in response to a journalist question about the more frequent use by politicians of the abbreviation for the name of the country “Republic of N. Macedonia”, says that they should use the constitutional name Republic of North Macedonia. “In part, this issue is a preoccupation of all of us in the daily affairs in which we work. And first, our country is called the Republic of North Macedonia, it is not the Republic of N. Macedonia and that is the first humiliation towards the state and the Constitution of the country. Of course, of the Prespa Agreement as well, which grew into a law with ratification at Parliament, but in our country it is translated into the Constitution. Not to respect the Constitution of the country and the name of your country – I can understand that some do not agree with this process and the like, but we all agree with democracy. Democracy says it is the new Constitution that was passed by a two-thirds majority because of the future perspectives of children, youth, our integration into NATO and the EU, this reveals the true color of every individual,” says Zaev.