Kovacevski: Citizens Can Recognise Who Truly Works for Them

According to PM and SDSM President Dimitar Kovacevski, his party’s win in the extraordinary local elections in all places where it had a candidate is a message that citizens look forward and manage to unmask, as he says, the cheap populism. “Several things are clear from the elections. First and foremost, in tough times, citizens can recognise who truly works for them, what the true policies that bring progress are. They don’t want blockades, they’ve had enough of obstructions, they, simply put, want to look forward and develop. And what’s particularly important, we had fair, free, dignified elections, befitting a country aspiring to be part of the European family,” he notes in an interview with Politika. As Kovacevski adds, the elections will be held in 2024. Regarding the issue of constitutional changes, the PM is adamant that MPs will be up to the task and that when the time comes, they will make a statesperson-like decision.