SPO Publishes Six-Month Report

The Special Prosecutor Office (SPO), authorized to persecute criminal offences related to the unlawfully wiretapped conversations, published Friday a report on its activities from 15 March to 15 September 2018, plus a special report, which pinpoints four judges, including incumbent Supreme Court President Jovo Vangelovski, for improper conduct.  “The unlawfully wiretapped conversations, covered by this report, show an interaction between high judicial and (former) government officials. They also reveal that judicial officials renounced their independence, impartiality in favour of the government or own interests, which makes room for public distrust in the judicial system,’ the special reports reads. SPO expects in the upcoming period the relevant institutions to take the necessary measures for this institution to be incorporated in the Public Prosecution Office of the Republic of Macedonia as an independent one for persecuting criminal offences related to high-profile corruption.