Dimitrov participates in meeting of BESEC Member States’ FMs

“We’re focused on October. We’ve shown European conduct towards the region, towards the neighbourhood, we’re building bridges. At home, we have had an unbelievable democratic turnaround in the last two years. I think we’re absolutely ready to start the accession process. We’re not ready for membership, but we want to be using the process as a democratic tool to become a true European democracy,” FM Nikola Dimitrov said in Sofia, at the meeting of Black Sea Economic Cooperation (BSEC) Member States’ FMs. Dimitrov is optimistic. He considers that the European path is the only alternative. If the country doesn’t get a date to start negotiations, a bad message would be sent to the whole region that it’s perhaps not worth it to invest political capital in European compromises and to work in a focused manner on reforms, according to the FM. Dimitrov added that the region didn’t have much time and a right to mistakes. Regarding Albania’s EU road, the FM said that what the region needed was positive dynamism and that Macedonia would want for its western neighbour, too, to get a date. “However, that’s not in our hands,” he stressed. In the Bulgarian capital, Dimitrov met his Bulgarian counterpart, Ekaterina Zaharieva. They talked about several issues, including the implementation of the Skopje-Sofia deal.