Parliament Speaker Mitreski Underlines Importance of NATO Membership

Parliament is preparing a Declaration to mark the fourth anniversary of North Macedonia’s NATO integration, while on Tuesday, the legislative house’s Speaker, Jovan Mitreski, organised a meeting at the Club of MPs, which was attended by, among others, ex-PMs Dimitar Kovacevski, Zoran Zaev, and Vlado Buckovski, and ex-Defence Minister Radmila Sekerinska.

On social media, Mitreski said the fourth anniversary had proven that wise and bold decisions had been made in the interest of a safe and prosperous future for North Macedonia’s citizens.

“With the three former PMs and with the former Defence Minister, who unfurled our flag at NATO HQ, but also with former MPs, ambassadors, senior state office holders, we discussed the contribution each of us has given to this process and the path walked by us in order for us to have today a safe country, especially in conditions of a military aggression not far from us,” the Speaker added.