24 New Coronavirus Cases, 201 Total, 2 More Cured

The largest increase in the number of coronavirus cases in the past 24 hours has been in registered in Skopje with 15 new cases, followed by Kumanovo with 4, and the first confirmed case in Tetovo. With the new 24 patients, the total number amounts to 201 registered cases, Skopje (15), Kumanovo (4), Debar (2), Ohrid (1), Stip (1), Tetovo (1). The death toll remains at three, with two more cured, bringing that number to 3 as well. After it became known Wednesday that the number of infected health workers is 15, Health Minister Venko Filipce, through social networks, urged citizens not to go to health facilities unless they need urgent care, and first attempt to contact their primary care physicians by phone. He reassures that prescription drugs, on the Fund’s account, are in sufficient quantities and urged citizens not to stock up on them. Previously, there was great interest in the medicine Sumamed, which in combination with malaria medication has proven to be effective in the fight against coronavirus, and it can no longer be easily procured, as this new treatment will only treat hospitalized patients. Minister Filipce advised citizens not to take the medication on their own, as it can cause a counter-effect.