30-day Detention Measure for Five Persons Including Kamcev in New SPO Case

A 30-day detention measure has been ordered for five suspects in the new case opened by the Special Prosecutor’s Office (SPO), dubbed “Empire”, Jordan Kamcev, Cvetan Pandeleski, Nenad Josifovic, Zorica Arsovska and Todor Mircevski, who were questioned on Friday before a judge in a previous judge. Prosecutors Katica Janeva and Lile Stefanovska picked up the decisions on the detention orders on Friday night, the SPO has said, while the five suspects were brought to the prison in Suto Orizari around 2:30 am on Saturday, according to journalists who were present there because of the developments related to former PM Nikola Gruevski. There are a total of 13 suspects in the SPO’s new investigation, including, former UBK head Saso Mijalkov, because of grounded suspicions of several crimes, including abuse of official position and authority, fraud and money laundering. According to the SPO, during the pre-investigative procedure, by taking different investigative activities, enough pieces of evidence were secured that resulted in grounded suspicions that the suspects had committed the crimes they are charged with from 2002 and 2013 personally or through legal entities owned by them.