BESA and DUI to Get Seven Deputy Ministers

BESA will nominate the new Deputy Culture and Education Ministers. Bilall Kasami’s party confirmed for Kanal 5 TV on Wednesday that Sudet Sulejmani and Arafat Shabani would be the new Deputy Ministers of Culture and Education, respectively.  Artan Grubi, Minister of Political System and Inter-Community Relations, who’s also the First Deputy PM, stated that his party, DUI, would get five positions of deputy ministers. Agim Nuhiu will head to the Ministry of Justice, while the others are: Bashkim Hasani (Defence Ministry), Nazim Bushi (Interior Ministry), Bekim Rexhepi (Transport and Communications Ministry), and Ilir Hasani (Health Ministry). The same day, Grubi added that DUI would also get the head positions at the PE for State Roads, MEPSO, and the Agency for Medicines and Medical Devices.