Gjosevski: Crowd wanted to Attack Parliament President Veljanoski

The new hearing over the “27 April parliament Incidents” case held on Thursday saw the testimony of Goran Gjosevski, the Chief of Security of the former President of the Parliament of Macedonia Trajko Veljanoski. “In one moment, the crowd started looking for Veljanoski, with some people calling him a traitor for allowing intonation of a foreign country’s anthem in the Parliament of Macedonia. They tried to enter his office by force, and I was assaulted in the process. I considered hiding Veljanoski in a secret secured room in the Parliament, which’s location I cannot reveal due to the interests of future president of the parliament. I tried to contact the then Director of the Public Security Bureau Mitko Cavkov, ad I established contact with him after several unsuccessful attempts,” Gjosevski testified. Gjosevski also revealed that he saw journalists Dragan Pavlovic-Latas and Ivona Talevska in the crowd in the Parliament on 27 April 2017.