Greek Gov’t: Amendments in Skopje in accordance with Prespa Agreement

The Greek government claims that the amendments for constitutional changes adopted by the government in Skopje are in the spirit of the Prespa Agreement, MIA reports citing sources from within the Greek government. “The changes made to the amendment XXXVI where now stands the word “diaspora” are in accordance with the text and the spirit of the Prespa Agreement. This also shows that the agreement contains effective protection measures which leave no room for different interpretations,” claims the source MIA contacted. The source also said that the statements about the Macedonian language of PM Zoran Zaev were for internal use only so that support for the agreement is secured, and that they believe he remains dedicated to the implementation of the Prespa Agreement. In meantime, the Greek DM and leader of Independent Greeks Panos Kammenos announced that once the Prespa Agreement is adopted by the Parliament in Skopje, his party will leave the government.