Gruevski’s Escape Shouldn’t Create Political Consequences, Sekerinska Says

“The PM was very clear. Rotations are possible at a ministerial level, but the focus is on the policy that will ensure a better life for citizens,” Defence Minister Radmila Sekerinska said on Thursday, commenting on the speculations of a crisis and division within the government following former PM Nikola Gruevski’s escape and of she succeeding Zoran Zaev as PM. According to her, the escape shouldn’t create consequences at a political level. Talking about the government’s promises, Sekerinska stated that they weren’t political. “They are very real – providing next high year higher wages, more investments, better economic development and achievement of our strategic goals, a start of EU negotiations and NATO membership. All other instances of losing energy will be counterproductive for all of us,” she stressed. Regarding the NATO road, the Minister expects the protocol for accession to soon be prepared and Macedonia to de facto be a part of the Alliance in the first trimester of 2019.