Zaev: Spasovski, Carovska possible Candidates for PM in Technical government

According to PM Zoran Zaev, at the moment there are neither reasons nor necessity for delay of the snap election scheduled for 12 April 2020. “Very soon the central board of SDSM shall assemble in order to determine our further steps in the process of the creation of a technical government, which is to be formed 100 days before the election takes place. The fact that Spain is yet to ratify the NATO Protocol for Accession of North Macedonia cannot be considered a reason for delay of the election, because we always have the option for a conditioned ratification of the Protocol by the current parliamentary assembly. We are to determine the new ministers and deputy ministers in the technical government, having in mind that the Przino Agreement for technical government predicts that the seats of the Ministers for Interior and for Labour and Social Policy are to be taken over by the opposition. On 3 January I shall resign as PM, as predicted by the Przino Agreement. Among the probable candidates for presidents of the technical government are the current Ministers Oliver Spasovski and Mila Carovska,” Zaev said.