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Stip Court of Appeals Lengthens Detention Measure against Novo Selo Mayor

The Stip Court of Appeals accepted the complaint lodged by the Strumica Prosecution about the annulment of the detention measure against Novo Selo Mayor Boro Stojcev and other people convicted of smuggling of cigarettes, issuing fresh detention measure. Namely on 25 July this month, the Strumica Basic Court sentenced the incumbent Novo Selo mayor Stojcev to prison term of 18 ...

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SDSM Dismisses Boro Stojcev from Post of Novo Selo Branch President

Dismissing Boro Stojcev from the post of President of SDSM Novo Selo branch is a smoke screen for the true crimes and their perpetrators within the ranks of SDSM. This was VMRO-DPMNE’s reaction following SDSM’s announcement about the dismissal. They point out that Zaev could be heard asking for bribe of 200,000 euro and SDSM has become synonymous with crime. ...

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Novo Selo Mayor Detained over Cigarette Smuggling

Police officers detained Novo Selo mayor Boro Stojcev late on Tuesday, the Strumica police have confirmed. The police stopped two vehicles near village Badilen and found boxes loaded with 10-packs of cigarettes. The Novo Selo mayor was the driver of one vehicle, also including another passenger, where 30 boxes filled with 10-packs of cigarettes were found. Another box and an ...

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