Blueprint Group to Monitor Reforms in Judicial System

Civil organizations have joined forces forming the so called Blueprint Group in a bid to monitor reforms in the judicial system after the government failed to fully implement the Plan 3-6-9 and introduced its follow-up, Plan 18. Starting from August 1, the group will begin monitoring whether reforms are implemented in accordance with the defined dynamic and will evaluate their quality. Envisaged to be implemented in the next ten months, the process is expected to produce not only evaluation, but also proposals and suggestions to the government and a six-member team to support the forthcoming screening process and negotiations with the EU. “I expect the group to deliver a relevant assessment of the quality of reforms and how many of them have been applied. I don’t think the government will remain indifferent to what we do and to what we will present publicly,” Uranija Pirovska of the Helsinki Committee for Human Rights told a news conference on Tuesday.

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